The PSM standard applies to all Ammonia Refrigeration systems of 10,000 pounds or more. Of all the PSM covered processes, the Ammonia Refrigeration is the easiest to develop and maintain. Process & Safety Solutions LLC (PSS) personnel have extensive experience in conducting CHEM-NEP inspections of ammonia systems and the applicable OSHA requirements.

    PSS assists our clients to develop and maintain regulatory compliance and integrity of their Ammonia Refrigeration System. Assistance may include total compliance or assistance only in the areas needed such as:

    • Complete Program & Compliance Documentation Management
    • Quarterly or Semi-Annual Facility Visits
    • Annual Visual Inspection of the Ammonia System (B-110/B-109)
    • Annual Required Testing & Inspection Safety Systems
    • Vibration Monitoring of Compressors and Pumps
    • Compressor Oil Sampling & Analysis
    • Ammonia & O2 Sensor Calibration
    • 5-year Independent (Conduct a portion each year using a combination of UT and Digital Techniques to screen for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI))
    • Ensure PM Documentation and Procedures are up to date
    • Annual Respirator Fit Testing
    • Operator Refresher Training
    • Annual Compliance Training (LMS)
    • Three-Year PSM Compliance Audit
    • PHA Revalidation

    Our PSM services can help you maintain a degree of confidence in the sustainability and business performance of your ammonia system throughout the full life cycle of your assets. Other services provided on an as-needed basis for a comprehensive compliance audit include:

    • Integrated HSE Management Systems Design and Development
    • Standard Operating Procedure Development & Review
    • Management of Change (MOC) System Design and Consulting
    • Relief System Design & Basis Development & Verification
    • P&ID Updates/CAD Services
    • Ventilation System Design Documentation & Testing
    • Safety Culture Evaluation, Training and Organizational Change
    • OSHA PSM Inspection Preparation
    • OSHA Mediation/Consulting
    • Contractor Evaluation Program Development & Certification