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Pay It Forward

We’re all in this together…most of us have undoubtedly heard this repeated over and over in the last couple of months. While it is true that we may be in this together, we are all facing this battle under different circumstances. Some have had their hours extended, while others have been sent home and continue to get their normal paychecks, while others have had to file for unemployment, and face the uncertainty of being able to return to the job they loved. Some have had to become teachers and day care providers, while also trying to work a full-time job from home. Teachers have been plunged into distant learning instructors within a matter of days. Some restaurants have become carry-out or delivery only, some groceries store shelves are bare, while others allow purchases online only. Every one of our businesses, whether an industrial manufacturing facility, restaurant, grocery store, hair salon, or department store, relies on the other in some form to stay in business. As we begin to emerge from this pandemic, now more than ever, we need to assist each other in getting up and running, but also assist those who are far worse often than we are.

Remember hearing about the Starbucks in Connecticut that had 1000 customers Pay-It-Forward? Amazing right? This is what America needs, a Pay-It-Forward mentality! Not for an expensive cup of coffee, but to help those that simply need to feed themselves or their family. If each of us does something for someone struggling, like they did at Starbucks, just think what a difference that will make in their lives, but as for the person that gives as well! What can you do for someone else? We can do it, we are an amazing country, with amazing people! How can we help each other to get our great country back to where it was, or even better? At Process Safety Solutions LLC, we want to continue to advance in the direction of giving back and paying it forward by discounting our services. Some of our services we are offering “at cost”, and our Process Safety advice free. We want you to be able to return to the new normal and want you to be able to help others get there as well. How can WE help you? How can YOU help someone else?