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Relief System Design And Basis Simplified

It is relatively easy to find PSM violations associated with Process Safety Information (PSI) that pertains to relief system design and basis. Typically, the device design information is readily available, but not the "basis" for the design. Understanding the design basis for a relief device is critical when it comes to Process Safety. PSI for relief devices must extend beyond the device design specification but must include the entire system the device interacts with including a common header or vent, flare, or scrubber. In this webinar, we will first review or explore the three most common relief valve types, some common relief scenarios, and discuss vent header sizing effects on the device design.

Relief System Design And Basis Simplified


How to Survive an OSHA PSM Inspection from a Former OSHA CSHO

Ric has trained and mentored numerous Compliance Health & Safety Officers (CHSO), while with the Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) for 5 years. He has over 25 years of industry experience as a process design and Safety Instrumented Systems engineer. As an OSHA compliance officer and consultant, he has completed over 200 OSHA Petroleum and Chemical National Emphasis Program (NEP) inspections or audits.

With his years at OSHA and past industry experience, Ric brings a unique and valuable insight to the complex topic of process safety management.

How to Survive an OSHA Inspection



Just the words “OSHA compliance” are enough to make any industrial business owner tense up. After all, not only can it be difficult to navigate the waters of compliance, but the cost of not doing so can be incredibly steep for any business. Dealing with all the regulatory requirements can be overwhelming but are critical to providing a safe environment for employees and the community.

When implemented properly, a robust PSM program will reduce the risk of incidents that lead to loss of resources and in the health and wellbeing of those who work in the facility. Each site must have processes in place to ensure their equipment is properly maintained and utilized, as well as maintain the safe operation of their facility. Process & Safety Solutions’ Total Compliance Packages have been designed to make compliance simple and easy. By starting with a software application, like none in the industry, designed to put the information in front of those that need it most and to make conducting compliance related tasks straightforward and uncomplicated. We take the guess work out of compliance and make it simple to do the right thing! Our packages are flexible and fit most any organizations needs, from providing one of the most industry and regulatory knowledgeable professionals as PSM/RMP coordinators, to technicians that can provide full Inspection, Testing, and PM support. We give you what you need.

Join us for this free Webinar where we will discuss the "Total Compliance" plans and how they can help you not only with compliance but in many cases provide cost savings as well.

Total Compliance and How Can it Help Ammonia Refrigeration

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PSI Access: Making Compliance Easy

If your goals are to reduce cost and improve process safety, then you need the tools that PSI Access can provide. PSI Access not only manages documentation and execution of every PSM/RMP element, but does it in such a way that allows every employee within the organization to be engaged through knowledge and active learning. PSI Access makes managing a PSM program simple! To see how PSI Access will help you to achieve your PSM and Cost goals, join us for a series of free interactive Webinars that will go through all the features and benefits of this cloud based and mobile application.

PSI Access

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The Wynnewood Case Discussion

The Wynnewood Decision's Effect on PSM Scope: Insider Analysis and Legal Implications




Do you know what are the top ten OSHA violations? Do you understand why these violations are cited? Join us for this webinar and discover what the top ten OSHA violations are and learn why these tend to be the focus.

Top Ten OSHA

Process Safety-The Road to Continuous Improvement Series

We all know the OSHA 14-PSM Elements, but do we understand the specific requirements of the element and how they lead to process safety? Are you aware of the typical gaps and how they can be addressed? What are the Best Practices for implementation of the element?

This webinar series will provide you with expert advice form a former OSHA Compliance Specialist who has also served over 25 years in the industry. This unique perspective will give you the necessary tools to Continuously Improve your Process Safety Programs.