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What is it?

PSI Access™ is a cloud-based application for managing OSHA's Process Safety Management (PSM) and EPA's Risk Management Plan (RMP) related information. PSI Access™ is a state-of-the-art application in which you can maintain multiple facilities and processes all in one place. Streamline your documentation process. Allow more time to focus on implementation of process safety. PSI Access™ – Process Safety Management made simple!

Why do you want it?

  • Currently, there are a lot of companies that utilize software applications to streamline the documentation process. We recognized that not all facilities are created equal, but they are still expected to meet the same regulatory requirements. PSI Access™ was developed as a purpose built, scalable solution that offers the same features as the systems designed for larger enterprises.

How can you use it?

  • Our web application allows users to quickly complete an MOC, conduct a PHA, and maintain all process safety information, as well as attach reports and risk management documents at your convenience. Our mobile app even allows users to execute inspections, tests, preventative maintenance tasks, and create safe work permits in the field and on the go.

Subscribing to PSI Access™ gains you access to PSS Advantage™, the ultimate Contractor Management tool, and PSS SafeCore™, our online 24-hour access, any time, any place, Learning Management System.

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