Why Recommendation or Action Item Tracking is an Essential part of your PSM program

Recommendation or Action Item tracking can play a valuable role in revealing the strengths and weaknesses of a facility’s process safety performance. Identifying and making recommendations to mitigate potential hazards is only half the battle. Having a system in place to track corrective actions is just as important. It ensures that a plan has been developed for correcting or mitigating the hazard is established and followed through. When managed properly, recommendation or action item tracking is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate a facility’s commitment to process safety management and employee safety. Action item tracking processes can be complicated and inefficient requiring extensive administrative work to ensure responsible parties follow through and close action items correctly, and in a timely manner. If action items are not followed through on or not closed correctly, the identified hazards remain unmitigated risks to the facility and personnel.

Action Item tracking also allows for long term projects to be accomplished. Many times, budget is a consideration as well as the time involved in accomplishing larger items. Tracking keeps concerns from falling through the cracks and keeps the facility on task for long term goals and priorities.

Overall, recommendation or action item tracking is an important process for organizations that want to ensure that they are meeting their risk management goals and objectives in a timely and efficient manner. It helps to create responsibility, accountability, improve communication, increase efficiency and productivity, and facilitate continuous improvement.